Shipping Costs

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Shipping will vary due to the weight of the vintage pieces since my site does not support calculated shipping rates.

Some listings will have free shipping, which will be noted in the listing description. 

Most lighter weight pieces, such as jewelry, patterns, buttons, scarves and other light weight items will ship for a rate of $4.25 to $7.50 in the US.

Heavier pieces such as handbags, shoes and larger hats will ship via USPS priority flat rate from $8.00, $9.00, $15.00 to $19.95 in the US. For protection, more fragile pieces will ship for a flat rate of $9.00.

These are subject to change due to the USPS changing their prices.

If the shipping cost are less than quoted I will refund the difference. 

I have the shipping costs per item in the some of the listings


You do not need to fill out the complete form to check the shipping costs, just your state, country and telephone number.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any issues with the cart and purchasing.

I can also send a paypal invoice if necessary in case the cart is not working.

Unfortunately, I can no longer ship Internationaly due to the new postal rules and fees accessed to the receiving customer. 

But, if you utilize a shipping service based in the US, I can provide shipping. Other buyers have done so.


Thank you and enjoy your shopping.